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Aàfin Sofa Set (Furniture only) 4 weeks delivery

This nobility inspired look for a cozy living room space comes with a pair of wing-back chairs that ..


Azumini Black & White Sofa set (Upholstery Only) 4 weeks delivery

Azumini, in black and white with a splash of blue, is inspired by the blue river in Abia.This relaxi..


Danfo-Yellow Sofa set (Furniture Only) 4 weeks delivery

This look is inspired by Lagos popularly known transportation system, Danfo. Our Danfo-Yellow is ins..


Eko Anteroom Accent Chairs (Furniture only) 4 weeks delivery

Eko is a represented in nautical stripes in navy blue, ideal seat for your ante-room, bedroom and mi..


Halitta Living Room Look

Simple and Clear neutral tones, Halitta's look, is inspired by nature and calmness.&n..


Idanre Blues L shape sofa set (Furniture only) 4 weeks delivery

Idanre Blues L Shape Sofa This calm look is inspired by the hill of Idanre, one of the most beaut..


Kaduna Look

Upholstered accent chairs with bold wooden hand details, available in taupe, can be custom made in v..


Olori Look

The Olori Stripe accent chair is made with a bold stripe fabric in earth tones, with wooden details...