About Us


At RedViolet Company, we have a standard of providing easily accessible and convenient styling solutions. “To make every space Stylish, Comfortable, and Welcoming”, is the RedViolet Vision. Our business model focuses on providing Furniture, Accessories and Space Styling Solutions.

RedViolet Company began as a traditional design company in April 2010. The company, under the Chairmanship of Mofoluke Ayoola, specialised in furniture production, home/office remodelling, and space styling.

In 2014, however, the establishment metamorphosed from being a brick and mortar showroom to becoming an online store. With this, it has been able to reach a much larger audience over the years.

With a decade experience in interior design, home furnishing retailing and local furniture manufacturing, RedViolet Company have become full-blown e-commerce providing access to furniture, furnishing accessories and home styling solutions. Today, we stock not only furniture and accessories pieces from RedViolet but also some of the best furniture brands in Nigeria and beyond. We currently serve customers in the whole of Nigeria and Ghana through our e-commerce store.

The company was awarded the Southwest Nigeria Outstanding Company of the Year (Furniture and Interior Decor) Award for Excellent Customer Service, Technology and Integrity in 2018. It was listed as one of the top ten furniture stores in Lagos in 2017.



Shop-The-Look by RedViolet

We have a range of lush looks put together by our VR/CGI artists and design experts using digital virtualisation solutions. This virtual aided solution allows you to envision a perfect space and shop the look, providing you with variations that prompt your buying decisions. 

Our Furniture Category

Our STL ranges, sofas, dining sets, coffee tables, side tables, consoles and mirror sets, bedroom sets, wardrobes and more.

Our Furnishings Category

Accessories, clocks, plates and bowls, sculptures and figurines, vases, curtains, cushions, wall arts, mirrors and more.

Other Categories includes; rugs, wallpapers, table lamps and floor lamps. 


Mofoluke Ayoola is a creative entrepreneur. She founded RedViolet Company in 2010, before this time, she had founded Debras’s Creations a small-scale interior design company in Lagos, Nigeria in 2007. Mofoluke’s sense for innovation always drew her to creating solutions that meet the demand of her customers, hence the constant evolving of RedViolet Company leading it to the forefront of the home furnishing online retail company in Nigeria.

Mofoluke has taken up roles such as business development and product management within the company. She is committed to life-long learning, she is an alumnus of the Cass Business School, where she studied Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership. She was a participant of Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management at the Entrepreneurial Centre arm of The Pan Atlantic University as a beneficiary of The Goldman Sachs 10000 Women Initiative. She is also a beneficiary of The YOUWIN 2 program. Mofoluke is actively involved in mentoring and coaching. 

She is currently working on a project, Furnishee for DIY home furnishing.


Our team comprises of Interior Architects, Interior Designers, CGI/VR Artists, Business Developers, Ecommerce Manager, Product Manager, Researchers, UI and UX Designers, Full-stack Developer and AD-tech experts. 

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